Host Poker Games at Home

by AceInTheHole

Hosting a poker game can be a lot of fun and it can become a great tradition but being a good poker host requires investing in a few things. A proper felt top table, some quality poker chips, and a few crisp decks are must haves if you don't want grumpy poker players in your home.

Poker Table

Having a quality poker table makes a big difference. This table has nice padded rails to rest your arms, deep stainless steel cup holders, and super high quality speed felt so you can deal out cards like a pro.

If you're just getting into hosting poker games and want to go with a cheaper alternative. This is the best poker table top I've come across so far. It doesn't have cushioned arm rests or speed felt but it gets the job done.

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Poker chips

Quality poker chips are a big part of poker, it's just not the same without the tactile experience of smooth, heavy chips and the distinct clicking sound of clay. Unfortunately, finding good chips online is not easy and chips can be shockingly expensive.

This set from Da Vinci is a bit more expensive than most of the popular sets out there but it's of a significantly higher quality. The set comes with real clay chips, dealer buttons, some decent card decks, and the case itself is on par with other aluminum case offerings.

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Playing Cards

Standard 2.5"x3.5" playing cards from a reputable company. Make sure you've got at least 2 decks although I'd recommend having 3 or 4 at any given time just in case. No need to get anything extravagant, no matter how good the cards are they'll need to be replaced relatively frequently.

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Automatic Shuffler

Automatic shufflers are not very common in poker settings but some people genuinely prefer them. I wish I could tell you about a shuffler I love but I don't use one myself and they are, in general, not considered the most reliable of items. This specific shuffler comes from a name brand, has gotten decent reviews and its a great deal with the 6 included decks so if you'd like one I'd say this is the one to go with.

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Poker Chip Carrier

Good poker chips are heavy and a lot of aluminum cases don't hold up over time. An Acrylic carrier is what casinos use and they're much easier to deal with long term. If you decide to go with the option, don't forget to buy trays since they aren't included!

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Poker Chip Trays

10 pack of poker trays for your poker chip carrier, enough to fill the entire carrier.

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Card Shoe

I'd advise against using a dealer shoe for poker since poker requires such frequent shuffling but if you decide to delve into Blackjack or other card games a card shoe really comes in handy.

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Lint Brush

If you want your felt poker table top to last you'll need to keep it clean and the best way to keep felt clean is to use a lint brush on it regularly.

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Chip N Dip Tray

If you're hosing a poker game its inevitable that your guests will get hungry. Providing snacks is always a good idea although you may want to also consider having your guests chip in and order some take-out.

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